About us

Road signs are a necessary attribute of transport infrastructure, a guarantee of enforcement of traffic rules, a safety of car enthusiasts and pedestrians. The company «Znaki UA» is one of leaders of this area. Here you can make and buy road signs, both in Kyiv and throughout the territory of Ukraine. We provide a wide range of products and produce its installation, as well as post-assembly and warranty service. By observing all the norms DSTU, our specialists use only the best materials in the production of road signs, carrying out the order in the timeline.

The road attributes of high quality for reasonable prices are our main specialty. We provide our customers with the best solutions by the ratio “price to quality”. The traffic lights, «sleeping policemen», emergency cones are our means of the organization of road traffic are made using the most advanced technologies and have positive impacts on the improvement of safety on the roads, which is a priority for the «Znaki UA». We also carry out road surface marking and provide services «on a turnkey basis» that greatly accelerates the process of order implementation.

Kiev is a large and growing city where every year the road traffic is becoming more intensive. High-quality growth of transport infrastructure is a priority for the capital of Ukraine. The purpose of the «Znaki UA» is an organization which is doing everything possible for providing both the capital, and other cities of Ukraine with signs and other road attributes.


Our company offers a wide range of products and services related to roads furniture:

  • road signs
  • individual design information signs
  • information sides
  • «sleeping policemen»
  • safety signs
  • road surface marking with paint and plastic
  • led flashing traffic signs
  • speed cushions (sleeping policemen)
  • water filled barriers
  • traffic lights
  • emergency cones
  • materials for road marking
  • materials for vehicles contour marking
  • other means of traffic organization


For questions about products and order conditions, please refer to our consultants who will tell you in detail about all the details that you are interested in. We appreciate our loyal customers and always welcome new customers, because an individual approach to each task is our way to conduct business. When addressing us for your order, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with its results.


Sales department and production:
Kiev, 1 Ozernaya Str. ofc. 5.


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