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Стартовали активные работы по ремонту бульвара Тараса Шевченко

9 апреля начались ремонтные работы на бульваре Тараса Шевченко по направлению к площади Победы. Об этом заявили представители «Киевавтодора».

Полиция Украины расследует состояние дорог государственного значения

Из-за существенно увеличившегося количество дорожно-транспортных происшествий и акций, связанных с требованиями ремонта тех или иных дорог, национальная полиция взяла на себя роль инспектора аварийной ситуации дорог.

Киевские власти собираются сделать улицу Сагайдачного частично пешеходной

КГГА собираются сделать улицу Сагайдачного пешеходной в выходные и праздничные дни. По утверждениям чиновников, это приблизит улицу к получению статуса культурно-исторической зоны.

Video in the program “DZEDAI”

Recently in the report of the program "DŽEDAÌ" it was told about a small village Novosilky near Kiev. There all roads are paved with asphalt and equipped with LED signs. This generous innovation has reduced to zero the a number of accidents.

Police will patrol the public transport lanes

After the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the national police and the Kiev City State Administration, a number of issues has been discussed on establishing order by police on the capital's roads.

The company «Znaki UA» has received letters of recommendation from client companies

One of the leading companies which is engaged in manufacturing of road signs other road attributes for transport infrastructure, «Znaki UA» received two letters of recommendation from private companies «FORCE-K»and «commercial production organization «Volynsignal».

Why does the Ministry of Infrastructure refuse from concrete roads?

Concrete pavement, which was previously considered to be a panacea for the problems with the road infrastructure in Ukraine, no longer appears in the strategy of development of the transport system established by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

«Kievavtodor» has reported which streets were repaired

Due to the active transformation of transport infrastructure in Kiev, municipal corporation «Kyivavtodor» is preparing to repair a number of the capital's streets. This was told by Director Alexander Gustelev.

«Znaki UA»: Implemented and future plans

For year 2015 the company «Znaki UA», which is engaged in furnishing of transport infrastructure, was able to provide multiple services to customers throughout Ukraine.

Construction of new junctions was initiated in Kiev

Due to the growing problems and heavy traffic, «Kievavtodor» plans to build several new junctions which have to facilitate movement in the capital.

The petition concerning the equipment of pedestrian crossings of Kiev with lighting is under way.

The site of Kiev City authorities held a timely petition on the equipment of pedestrian crossings with LED road signs and lighting. Read and sign the petition you can by clicking on this link.

Movement was restricted on Yuzhny Bridge because of repair works

Kiev authorities has finally come to grips with a repair of Yuzhny Bridge, as on the roadway and on the bridge footway. So traffic lane towards Bazhana Avenue was closed from 16th at 22:00 and will be closed more than a month.

Road repairs is carried out in Ukraine for custom money

Financial incomes from customs revenue allowed to repair Ukrainian roads. Thus, the 30 kilometers of road «Lvov-Radekhov-Lutsk» (H17) were repaired using this money.

Klitschko called on deputies to hit on parking violators

Mayor of Kiev noted that the problem with parking in Kiev continues to be the tangible problem and it is necessary to toughen measures of punishment for those drivers who presume themselves to park in inappropriate places.

Poroshenko has supported an initiative to strengthen control over the repair of roads

Petro Poroshenko approved measures to impose strict control over repairing roads. The President asked the Verkhovna Rada, as soon as possible, to consider and to adopt the bill concerning this issue.

«Ukravtodor» offered the Ukrainians to ask money for road repairs

Agency staff responsible for roads, appealed to the residents of Ukraine to support the petition, which want to sue President Peter Poroshenko to increase substantially funding for road infrastructure.

The competition to build the road «Lvov-Krakovets» has not produced results.

Long - term project, which the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine had intended to provide to the foreign investors, has not produced satisfactory results.

The competition to build the road «Lvov-Krakovets» has not produced results.

Long - term project, which the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine had intended to provide to the foreign investors, has not produced satisfactory results.

Taxis in the capital became more expensive

Due to the start of the autumn season, the taxi services now take up to 15% more per kilometre.

A new junction for residents of the Troyeshchyna

There has been an opening of a new two-way roads on the street Honore de Balzac, which allows to drive faster on General Vatutin Avenue.

The Ministry of infrastructure outlined the plans of repairing roads up to 2020

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine promulgated its ambitious plans what will happen with the roads in the following five years, as they will be repaired.

Thousand of surveillance cameras will be installed on the roads of Kiev

With a view to improving security, around a thousand cameras will be installed on the roads of the capital. The initiative comes from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The roads of Kherson will be equipped with three hundred new road signs

Before the start of the new academic year the streets in the Kherson region will be equipped with road signs to improve the traffic safety.

It will be possible to reach railway station of Kiev just for the money

Kiev authorities struggling with the car filled entrance to the railway station using a charge for crossing the automatic barrier.

It have been named the streets of Kiev where may form failures.

In the capital the failure was formed on Borshchahivska street, and there may be more such incidents.

Separate bicycle lanes appeared in Kiev

Active traffic transformations are still ongoing in the capital. «Kievavtodor» has applied a special road marking on bicycle paths on Grigorenko Avenue.

Road signs in Ukraine will be brought closer to the European standards

Transport infrastructure of Ukraine is gradually improving.

Twelve streets of Kiev were officially renamed

As part of the upgrade of the city streets, the Kiev authorities renamed twelve streets, street pass, avenue and the square of the capital. The commission of Kiev City Council has reached this decision .

Authorities will illuminate the streets of Kiev with the help of investors

Authorities initiated the concession of an entire network of street lighting facilities

The citizens of Kiev expressed their views on renaming streets and Moskovskiy bridge.

Recently, the Kiev authorities has introduced a question of Kiev authorities recently put on the issue of renaming streets in Kiev for discussion, as well as Moscowsky bridge as part of modernization of the city and upgrade its image.

The opinion poll is underway regarding the Khreschatyk closure on Saturdays

It has started a poll among people of Kiev city and guests of the capital, which will decide whether to block off the main street of Kiev on Saturday.

The issue of renaming Moskovskiy bridge was also highlighted

It was launched a public discussion about the renaming of several city facilities in Kiev: Moscowsky bridge and four streets.

Due to renovation, the traffic will be restricted on Pobedy avenue

Reconstruction of a problem section of the road near the subway Svyatoshin is carried out on Pobedy avenue.

The competition of investors for the road «Lvоv-Krakovets» will last 8 months

Competition for investment position will last 8 months and the winner will be announced no earlier than the beginning of next year.

There will be new road signs in Kiev

The initiative group «Agents of change», which had previously developed a new design scheme of the Kiev subway, is now engaged in the creation and planning of placement of clear and obvious road signs.

The European Parliament introduced new safety requirements for vehicles since 2018

Since 2018, all passenger cars and vans must be equipped with systems for call rescue services in case of an accident.

Kievavtodor will repair roads without intermediaries

Aleksandr Gustelev became the new Director-General of the municipal corporation «Kievavtodor».

Ministry of Infrastructure transmits the construction of the road to investors

The Ministry of Infrastructure will announce the contest, as a result of which the first toll road project in Ukraine will be transferred to interested foreign investor — section of the road «Lvov-Krakovets».

It will be renamed the square and two streets in Kiev.

Street names change wave and other urban facilities is still ongoing. So, the Dzerzhinskogo square will be known as Lybidskaya.

In Japan the number of electric filling stations exceeded the number of gasoline

Nissan research showed that the number of electric filling stations in the country of the Rising Sun is equal to 40 thousand points versus 34 thousand of petrol filling stations.

In California we have installed social advertizing in the form of road signs

In Hayward, California we have installed special characters which, among other things, warn pedestrians about the dangers of using phones while crossing the road.

It was considered a bill that provides benefits for the importation of electric vehicles in Ukraine

Deputies the governing coalition have registered the bill for discussion in the Parliament of Ukraine, which requires the exemption from taxes and duties import operations of electric cars, but also obliges the Cabinet to create tax free import of batteries.

City authorities will secure parkings by means of video cameras and security

Kievtransparkservis is going to install the video cameras on the capital parking, as well as to post guards at night. All this is done within the framework of enhanced security.

The Mayor Of Kiev: 90% of the capital's roads need financing

Kiev city head, Vitali Klitschko expressed his readiness to continue the major repairs of roads of the capital. In 2014 the road pavement of 14 streets was renovated. Before the repair these streets were suitable only for vehicles like APC, as the Mayor put it.

The city authorities want to legalize the using of tow trucks and wheel bocks

Acting Head of Kievtransparkservis, Andrei Vorobyov claims that the necessary changes in the legislation concerning fines for illegal parking can be amended early in 2016.

A new record was also set for parallel parking

Young Brit Alistair Moffata, who broke the rating of previous champion — a resident of China, Han Yue, who « squeezed» the car into a space into a space that exceeds the car length by 8 cm., has become a new record-breaker.

4 new taxes were introduced to Ukrainian motorists

In accordance with the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the «luxury», the owners of cars with diesel or gasoline engine displacement more than 3000 cc and with useful life no more than 5 yaers, must pay an annual tax of 25 thousand UAH.

Products of the company «Znaki UA» were presented at Avtodorexpo 2014

International Forum on construction and repair of roads and bridges, in which the company «Znaki UA» was involved, was held in Kyiv from 12 to 14 November.

The company «Znaki UA» at «Communtech-2014»

«Znaki UA» presented its products and services at the exhibition of the XII International specialized exhibition «CommunTech-2014», which took place from 4-7 November in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev.

«Znaki UA» equipped with its products the largest hypermarket in the world

A new shop of network of hypermarkets «Epicenter», which became the the largest Ukrainian hypermarket with wide assortment of construction materials in the world has opened in Kiev on 6 December.

Innovative services of Ukrainian fuel filling stations

Ukrainians can surprise, including service. The company «SOCAR», which is engaged in gas stations, introducing a variety of «features» in its modern fuel filling stations.

Vynohradar residential area expects changes in the traffic interchanges

The authorities of Kiev seeking appropriate solutions related to transportation between Vynohradar residential area and metro stations.

The new scheme of traffic lights operation in Kiev

Traffic lights of pedestrian crossings of the capital will be soon put into so-called manual mode. This mode implies the red light for the driver is turned on only when the pedestrian pushes the traffic light button.

Automatic traffic controllers (bollards) will be installed on the Andreevsky descent

Automatic traffic controllers (bollards) will appear in the capital until February 2015, which will be placed on the Andreevsky descent, as reported by the press service of Kiev City State Administration.

Locals have taught a good lesson to drivers who have parked their cars improperly

How capital’s locals have taught a good lessons to owners of improperly parked cars, see in this article.

The activities of illegal parkings may soon be suspended

As it became known, more than 70% of night parking in Kiev operate on illegal basis.

Minimum prices of the company «Znaki UA» for all services

Although the dollar is changeable, the price of the company's products "Znaki UA» lowered!

Pipe break has not been eliminated in the on the Teremki residential area

According to Kievenergo, the pipe break, the water flow from which broke almost three-meter hole in the asphalt pavement, having disrupted the asphalt structure with road marking.

Unusual traffic signs from all over the world

A selection of interesting, sometimes unusual for Ukrainian drivers of road signs collected from different regions of the planet.

There has taken place the two-day exhibition of retrocars Old Car Fest in Kiev

The three-day exhibition Old Car Fest, which took place in the capital, has become a real present for true lovers of old cars, and pleasant events such as demonstration races of exposed autos, could not get enough of those who come not only to admire, but also enjoy the retro cars in action.

The collapse of a pedestrian bridge on the Electrikov street

The fall of the pedestrian bridge on the Electrikov street had plunged locals into shock

The roads like these in Europe will be in Ukraine not earlier than in 15 years

According to the head of «Ukravtodor», Sergei Podgainyi, road quality level of Ukraine will reach European only in the 15 years but given the annual financial support amounting to UAH 30-40 billion.

Automatic barriers: functionality and specifications

The purpose of the installation of all kinds of barriers is the control of entry / exit to the protected area. Thus, the barriers serve to control of the passage of vehicles on a certain territory with limited traffic.

The toll traffic lanes will be established in Russia

It is known that toll traffic lanes will be established in Russia.

It is planned to make changes in traffic regulations closer by fall

According to Deputy Chief of Traffic Police of MIA of Ukraine Sergey Budnik, it was also known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine together with State Traffic Inspectorate will make adjustments in traffic regulations.

10 years without a road accident in the Dutch city

Who would think that the practical absence of road signs and road marking on the roads can minimize the number of emergencies and traffic accidents.

Previously allowed speeding will now be controlled by traffic police

Previously allowed speeding will now be controlled by traffic police

The roads of Zaporizhzhya will be repaired

The department of city council of Zaporozhe of housing and communal services, ordered road repair works in the amount of UAH 20,020 billion.

Now, with the help of online projects «Ukravtodor» will learn about the bad roads

New Web project provides an opportunity for anyone to visit the site, open the interactive map and rating from 1 to 5 points of the road on which he had recently passed.

Since June, the trucks will be able to travel around across the cities of Ukraine only at night

Since 1 June, the seasonal restriction of movement will be introduced on most public roads in all regions of Ukraine - trucks will be allowed to train only at night and during the day they will be on special parking lots and rest areas.

High-tech traffic lights

Every year, road traffic accidents at pedestrian crossings claim the lives of many people. In Korea, the designer has created a traffic light model of the future, capable to change for the better this negative situation.

Futuristic road in the Netherlands

Unique futuristic road was designed and built in the Netherlands. This is a project of the companies Heijmans Infrastructure and Roosegaarde.

The bus station on Teremki residential areais planned to be opened in the autumn.

The bus station on the Odesskaya square, the opening of which was delayed several times, will become operational only in the period of August and September.

New road signs and driver's license in the Crimea

After Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation, the new legislation and new driving regulations will enter into force on the peninsula.

They were named 11 sections of road of the capital where you can accelerate to 80 km / h

After large work to collect relevant data conducted by the State Automobile Inspectorate, 21 section of streets and roads of the capital, where it is possible to increase the speed limit to 80 km/h were suggested for the consideration of residents of Kiev.

Advertising on Highways may be prohibited

The State Service for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Development are confident that the advertising installed above the roadway leads to a large number of accidents in Ukraine due to the fact that drivers are distracted.

The soil under the asphalt will be explored using GPR

After the car falling into failure, which was formed in the Podolsky descent, the city authorities think about purchasing the device for the study of voids under the road surface.

More than 2 thousand new road signs were installed in Donetsk

In the preparation of road infrastructure of Donetsk for the new school year 2013-2014, «Road maintenance and construction department» explores the access roads to schools and has drawn up an action plan for the organization of traffic safety of pedestrians.

The heliport has been opened on Park Avenue in the center of Kiev

The heliport has been opened on Park Avenue in the center of Kiev

Reconstruction of Pochtovaya Square: New traffic restrictions have been introduced

Metropolitan Traffic Police introduces new restrictions on traffic on the Pochtovaya Square in Kiev between 16 September 2012 and 25 May 2013.

The guide posts and sign plates will be translated and replaced in Kiev

Metropolitan authorities will replace the information signs on the houses and the signs on the roads not only within the 1.5-kilometer zone around the NSC "Olympic", but also throughout the city for Euro 2012 .

When the city authorities in Kiev will return the road signs "speed limit 80"?

In Kiev, in 2010, the maximum permitted speed on urban roads will not exceed 60 kilometers per hour.

There is a road sign «Watch out for prostitutes» in Italy

The road signs «Watch out for prostitutes» have recently confused the italian town residents .

It has changed 151 thousand of road signs in Ukraine

In 2009, the State Road Service of Ukraine ("Ukravtodor") has installed and changed 150.9 thousand of road signs.

The Minister of Transport admitted that the issue of road conditions in 10 km from Kiev is quite understandable

Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine, Konstantin Efimenko instructed all competent deputies to determine a list of priority projects.

They already live otherwise! Why are we so often violate driving regulations and why are the road signs actually need for?

There is a significant difference between the life «by the law» and «by the code of criminals».

Traffic lights started talking

The authorities installed the traffic lights on the main crossroads of the city that warn pedestrians when to cross the road, and in the intervals between the parting words play classical music by Tchaikovsky, Strauss and Rachmaninoff.

Whether the city will stop again as soon it will get warm? «Kievavtodor» began to repair roads.

The works on the elimination of the defects that have arisen this winter due to temperature fluctuations, have began on the capital's roads.

New parking regulations were introduced in Kiev

Since 1 March, the common regulations for car parking in the paid parkings (the resolution КМ №1342 comes into effect) will work in Ukraine.

There are new signs that are not present in the international system of signs

There are new signs that are not present in the international system of signs

«Ukravtodor» estimates the cost of outdoor advertising

The bill on on the introduction of a monthly fee to the owners of billboards that are located along the roads outside the settlements of Ukraine, was submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers.

New traffic signs are introduced in Kiev

These changes are permitted to put into practice as an experiment.


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