Previously allowed speeding will now be controlled by traffic police

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overspeed control

According to the head of  traffic police of Ukraine, Anatoly Sirenko,  there are no such countries in the world, where  non-compliance with the speed limit would remain unpunished at its acceptable level. According to sources,  the traffic police will cancel the possibility of exceeding the established speed of 20 km / h on the road sections.

The head of the State Automobile Inspectorate noted that the residents of the Kiev city have agreed to 11 from 21 road sections, which is appropriate to increase the speed limit to 80 km / h. According to traffic police employees, process of manufacturing of road signs has already started, and  informative road signs have been installed in some areas of the road.

As we know, an unwritten rule about exceeding the speed of 20 km / h was adopted when deficient police radar showed the speed is higher than it was in fact on the speedometer of the car of the driver. To date, according to engineers of the State Automobile Inspectorate,the modern devices are able to calculate the exact speed without errors and condescending attitude towards the lag can be canceled.

The State Automobile Inspectorate  also plans to introduce speed limits near institutions and near the accident-prone areas of roads.


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