The European Parliament introduced new safety requirements for vehicles since 2018

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Since 2018,  all passenger cars and vans must be equipped with systems for call rescue services in case of an accident. This decision adopted by the European Parliament, the legislative changes should come into force  in 2018.

eCall system, which operates in a fully automatic mode, and, in the event of a serious accident, will give an emergency signal on the phone «112» will be responsible for innovation. According to experts estimates, this will reduce the number of deaths at 10%.

Such innovations  raised some concerns and criticism from the European public. the potential loss of personal data, which may occur during the transmission of the information by means of the system is  a serious problem. However, the creators of the law assure the full protection of the eCall system, which, moreover, is able to transmit data only directly to rescue services, avoiding any third parties. Rescue workers receive only the basic parameters of the car such as the size, the type that is needed for quick and quality response to the incident.

Under the law, manufacturers have time until 31st March 2018 to  embed the eCall system until 31st March 2018. After a three-year probationary period, the competent authorities will evaluate the effectiveness, pros and cons of this technology, as well as whether such a precaution for buses.

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