Kievavtodor will repair roads without intermediaries

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 Aleksandr Gustelev  became the new Director-General of the municipal corporation «Kievavtodor». Fundamental changes in the structure of the company are also associated with this appointment, as reported by the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State administration,Igor Nikonov. Now, «Kievavtodor» will not simply monitor the balance of Kiev roads, will not just monitor the balance of Kiev roads, but also will organize a strong industrial base, which is responsible for the maintenance and construction of asphalt pavement in Kiev.

Igor Nikonov added that earlier the company was simply a mediator between the capital budget and persons providing  services on repair of roads, factually all  the works were provided to outsourcing. Nevertheless, it is economically profitable that «Kievavtodor» is personally  involved in the repair of highways, laying new roads in Kiev, and also undertakes regular inspections of highways, bridges and other road facilities in the city. Thus, the outsourcing is no longer needed, extra financial costs will disappear and the level of service will be consistently high.

First Deputy Chairman also noted that the Kiev City Administration allocated from the budget  about 550 million UAH that will go to support of the functioning of «Kievavtodor» and will ensure the quality of major repairs of roads, as well as reconstruction and content. It is planned to carry out certification of the company's employees for professional suitability, as well as to purchase new modern equipment.

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