Due to renovation, the traffic will be restricted on Pobedy avenue

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Reconstruction of a problem section of the road near the subway Svyatoshin is carried out  on Pobedy avenue. The traffic is restricted at this road section  since 4th May. There are two lanes in both directions for transport, which sometimes leads to  road congestions.

The company «Znaki UA» is also involved in the reconstruction. Our specialists perform qualitative installation of road signs, as well as road markings. Excellent materials and a high level of efficiency allow to employees to «Znaki UA» to perform quickly the tasks. Rehabilitation of transport infrastructure is a priority task of the capital's authorities.

To bypass the problematic point the drivers use the streets Stetsenko, Borschagivskay and Komarova avenue . Special information board informs about the ongoing works. Reconstruction will end approximately in August 2015, and  at that time  action of restrictions will also come to end.

Repair work was originally launched in April 2013 and planned to be completed  before the end of this year. In 2014 the reconstruction was «frozen». After the end of current works, it is expected that the capacity of the avenue will increase from 70 to 100 thousand cars a day,  that will facilitate to capital drivers and city visitors comfortable driving through earlier problem section. Kiev City State Administration  conducts active changes in the transport infrastructure in Kiev. For example, in the capital they are going to change road signs and hold a competition for the position of the investor in the project of the road Lviv-Krakovets.


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