Authorities will illuminate the streets of Kiev with the help of investors

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Authorities initiated the concession of an entire network of street lighting facilities. Following the proposal by the Mayor of Vitali Klitschko, the deputies of the city authorities handed a  city lightening system  to investors  of public utility company «Kievgorsvet». According to the commitments, private investors will have to upgrade lighting systems on amount of 870 million UAH.

Brightly lit streets provide security on the roads. Road and street light attributes are an integral part of city life. Using extensive experience of our specialists and high-quality tools, the company «Znaki UA» produces road signs, street  signs and signs for parking areas, as well as is engaged in marking of roads, bridges, parkings and highways. We work in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, quickly and efficiently performing the tasks assigned by the client.

The question of modernizing  of capital lighting has long been one of the most urgent. However, according to the Mayor of Kiev, the funds of «Kiev City Council» are devastated  and are not sufficient to carry out the modernization of the capital.  Therefore, the approach to fundraising had changed by refocusing on  private investment. The challenge for officials now is to   develop a programme of action, and to submit it to the Kiev City Council for approval. After that the contest will be held on  transfer of «Kiev City Council» to the concession. For the time being, the investors from Phillps, Q-FREE-ASA, Tellus Master S.A., Senegros a.s. are interested in this offer.

Transferring the projects to  foreign investors is a  practice is gaining popularity in Ukraine. Here, the recently launched competition for the position of the investor of the project of the road «Lvov-Krakovets».


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