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The company «Znaki UA» has been producing, selling, installing road attributes of high-quality such as signs, traffic lights, traffic mirrors, etc. for over 8 years. Our services are characterized by high level of service, minimal time of execution of orders, democratic approach to each client. It is thanks to our professionality we have become one of the industry leaders in Ukraine.

Entering the international level, we make delivery of goods of our our production to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other CIS Countdown Timerries, and also to Georgia and Countdown Timerries of Eastern Europe. We are open to new proposals on cooperation, you may contact our consultants to receive more detailed information on purchase and delivery of our products. Using the automatic production and the best consumable materials, we create high quality products. The available and wide range of the road equipment made on the qualitative equipment of the company «Znaki UA», includes:

  • road signs (including – LED, fluorescent)
  • traffic lights and supports
  • roadway signs
  • parking attributes (parking barrier, parking guards, benchs of cycle parkings)
  • barriers
  • barrier elements (pedestrian barriers, parking posts, reflectors)
  • and many other things!

Besides, using the advanced tools, we are engaged in road marking. Our team of professionals will make travel to another Countdown Timerry to fulfill customer requirements and to equip roads, highways, streets, parking or warehouses. Please contact us about the issues in which you are interested, and we will provide appropriate service, choose for you necessary goods and deliver it on time, as well as qualitatively perform road marking. Examples of goods produced by the company «Znaki UA».


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