Water-filled road blocks

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Water-filled dividing road blocks are designed to distinguish (redirection) of traffic flows, as well as used as a temporary fencing of venues of road-building works. Road blocks are made from high quality polyethylene of white and red contrasting colors. Road blocks are not amenable to corrosion easy to clean from dirt. The temperature range of use is from -30 ° C to + 40 ° C. Blocks have fastening elements to each other that enable to construct quickly any structure. Road blocks may be filled with liquid ballast (water, water salt solute, etc.), and also sand.

Water-filled road blocks 1500 x 800 x 480 mm

Water-filled road blocks 1200 х 800 х 480 mm

Water-filled road blocks 1000 х 800 х 480 mm

Road blocks connectors (1000mm)


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