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Road surface marking by paint in Ukraine

Road surface marking

Getting around the city, the driver does not even notice how much the marking helps to ensure comfortable and safe traffic. The company «Znaki UA» offers high quality services in drawing quality road marking by the good resistant paint thanks to which such marking will last a long time and will be clearly visible in any weather conditions. In large cities, intense car and pedestrian traffic constantly creates the problem and sometimes emergency situations. Road surface marking help to prevent these troubles. Our company works in Kyiv and throughout the territory of Ukraine.

According to statistics, the marked path reduces the likelihood of accidents by 20%, therefore this point is key in the organization of safe road traffic. «Znaki UA» provide services in drawing both vertical (on the columns, fences, separators and other road elements), and horizontal marking (characters which are applied directly on a roadbed). We are acting strictly within the standards set by DSTU. We use temporary or permanent paint, depending on the customer's wishes.

Distinctive and technical features for road marking paint:

  • application of paint both on an asphalt, and on concrete basis.
  • microspheres that reflect light, providing excellent visibility at all times, as well as in cloudy weather.
  • wide range of temperature resistance (from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C).
  • fast drying and easy removal.
  • resistance to erasing and combustible materials. 

Except the road design standards, we adhere to all safety rules during work, not to break traffic. Gradual markings is made as follows:

  • cleaning the road surface from dust with water, drying
  • paint is mixes up to homogeneous mass by shaking or by means of mixer
  • marking machine performs road marking. 

The conditions for the application must also be appropriate: do not apply paint on a wet or damp surface. Therefore, marking works carried out at a temperature of 5 ° C to + 35 ° C and humidity of 70%.

Our company carries out any work on the road marking by paint and plastic. We look forward to working with new and loyal customers. We guarantee fast and high-quality work, taking into acCountdown Timer the client's wishes and comments.

Method of road marking  
Horizontal road marking (paint) Горизонтальная дорожная разметка
Горизонтальная дорожная разметка
Digit (road marking, paint) Цифра (дорожная разметка)

Icon on the road markings (parking space for disabled persons, paint)

Пиктограма на дорожной разметке (места для инвалидов)
Coating of traffic paint using beads of glass or yellow (black)  

Horizontal marking (plastic)

Vertical road marking (paint) Вертикальная дорожная разметка
Vertical road marking (film)
Vertical road marking (film + composite material)
Installation of vertical road marking (film or composite)
Removal of road marking
Демаркировка дорожной разметки

painting of black color

by machine


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