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Signaling traffic cones are used to prevent the accidents on the road or to carry out road works. Roads and road traffic is the environment to which special attention and caution is always required. The brilliant orange color will allow to note the fenced section of the road, and the reflective strips make road cones visible even in the dark.

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Signaling traffic cones Description
Traffic cones, production, sale. You can buy a road cone with us.  320 mm, plastic
350 mm, plastic
500 mm, plastic
800 mm, plastic
500 mm, elastic
500 mm, elastic, Poland
520 mm, elastic
750 mm, elastic
520 mm, rubber
750 mm, rubber

Depending on the purpose and place of use signaling traffic cones can be of different sizes and different density of the material. 

Types of traffic cones:

Traffic cones are:

  • Small traffic cones (350 mm, 485 mm)
  • Average traffic cones (500 mm, 600 mm and 650 mm)
  • Large traffic cones (800 mm)

According to the density of the material cones are divided into elastic and solid. The difference is that the coefficient of elasticity of the elastic traffic cone is much higher that allows to return to a product the original form (for example, in case of contact with the car).

The traffic cone can be completed with a weighting compound, for the purpose of increase of its firmness. It is appropriate in that case, if you need to attach the chain to indicate the borders or travel restriction.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used for the production of the traffic cones, the main properties of which are resistance to moisture, abrasion, temperature, as well as high mechanical strength.

Functions of traffic cones:

Signalling traffic cones have a number of useful features:

  1. Vehicular traffic control (during road works)
  2. Organization of pedestrian movement in case of accident or installation of any constructions) for safety reasons
  3. Fencing parking space or parking
  4. Warning signal of dangerous areas on the road
  5. Designation of boundaries of the various activities
  6. Using while driving training in driver training center
  7. Signal informing on the slippery or colored sections, as well as in case of damage (a hole, the lack of a sewer cover)

Placement of traffic signal cones is an available method of prevention and security not only on the roads but also any public place.

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