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We provide manufacturing and installation of solar powered road signs in Kiev and throughout the territory of Ukraine

The solar powered road signs is an autonomous road attributes of the new generation. Often, it is not enough only one reflective film to provide good visibility of a sign therefore the flashing indicator which does not require connection to the power system, is the perfect solution. The company «Znaki UA» provides services for installation of solar powered road signs - we have low prices and quality products, we work in Kyiv and throughout the territory of Ukraine. We not only produce, but also provide installation of the ordered products. We appreciate our loyal customers and welcome new customers

Advantages of solar powered road signs in the city and beyond

In the conditions of the city it is necessary to organize the safe movement of vehicles both for the passengers, and for the pedestrians. Often, due to weather conditions or time of day, the usual sign can not be visible - often reflective film is not enough. On the other hand, solar powered road signs may require power. The road sign with solar panel deprived of all these disadvantages - it can be installed in locations without access to power supply, for example, outside of the city. The effective functioning is ensured by the large reserve battery and its high sensitivity, the storage-battery capacity, allows you to sign permanently remain in going order with a minimum amount of sun and at lower temperatures, which is very valuable in winter and at night. Besides, the battery can be selected taking into acCountdown Timer the expected weather conditions - resistant to water, snow, cold or heat.

Types of solar powered road signs

First of all, there are two types of solar powered road signs such as an animated pedestrian crossing as «crosswalk» which glitters attracting the attention of both the driver and the pedestrian. Another option - a pedestrian crossing sign as «crosswalk» with pulsating circuit around the warning icon.

The solar powered road sign itself is usually made of aluminum, and the luminous elements are filled with a dielectric composition, wherein the system is constructed so that if one of the light-emitting diodes fails, the sign continues to operate.

The battery itself is attached to the upper edge of the sign to catch the maximum amount of light in all weather conditions. 

Where to buy solar powered road signs at a low price?

New level of road attributes, such sign perfectly proves to be in operation. Independent, working at a constant basis, convenient and reliable at all seasons of the year and days, the solar powered road signs as an alternative to the signs powered from electrical supply network.

Our company offers the best conditions for the production and installation of various road attributes. The «Znaki UA» is primarily a quality, reasonable prices, fast execution of orders. 


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