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Production and installation of road signs in Ukraine

Road signs. Buy them can be ordered production in our company.

The road sign is one of the main elements of the safe and well-ordered traffic. Using the simple symbols it helps to be guided in space both to pedestrians, and drivers. The company «Znaki UA» makes production and installation of road signs in Kyiv and throughout the territory of Ukraine. Based on our multiyear experience in this field, we create of high quality materials the excellent but inexpensive products available to all customers. Except professional qualification of our workers, the company's distinctive features is to execute an order in the shortest term. Installation of road or street signs requires precision and punctuality in order to avoid creating the accident situations.

The range of our road attributes is wide enough these are guide signs, service signs, tables, additional plates, led flashing traffic signs. When creating them, we use double-flanged galvanized steel. The client himself can select the desirable sizes of the final product. However, our products comply with all regulations and standards DSTU 4100-2002. The hi-tech equipment provides a long-term operation, besides, the reflective film placed in road signs possesses the increased wear resistance. Our experts use the types of reflective film such as diamond, high-intensity, engineering and commercial. Based on the budget and the customer's wishes, he can select the suitable materials. Our company also produces the signs on request according to personal drawings and projects.

Working with any production volumes, we are pleased to loyal customers, who are eligible for various bonuses, as well as to new customers. By choosing the company «Znaki UA», you will obtain great result at comparatively low cost. Our road signs are characterized by very high quality, orders are always fulfilled on time, and professional installation extends service life of road attributes.


Identity T/n Size, mm
Road sign Triangle
1 700
2 900
 3  1200
Road sign Circle
1 600
2 700
 3  900
Road Sign Square
1 600
2 700
2 700(5.35.1(2))
3 900
Road sign Stop
1 700
2 900
3 1200
Road sign Service
1 600х900
2 700х1050
3 900х1350
Sign plate
Road sign. Plate
2 300х600
2 350х700
3 450х900
Road sign. Multipath Railway 1.29  
Road sign TBP   350х1050
Road sign. The direction of rotation 1 400х1800
2 500х2250
3 700х3150
Road sign. The direction of rotation
Road sign. Information road sign. APP
Attachment for road signs  fixation

On the support of 40-76 mm / to sign 5.35.1 (2)

fixation Bandemix

Signs comply with the existing standards of DSTU 4100-2002.

We produce such types of road signs: Road signs. Production, Manufacturing. Download.


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