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One of the most important criteria of installation and maintenance of a light-signaling device is safety of road-users. In some cases, the supporting structures of the light-signaling devices pose a significant risk to drivers of vehicles in case of collision with such construction.

The company Znaki UA offers products, the application of which can significantly help to reduce the results of the collision or consequences of such incidents. Additionally, we offer the traffic lights supports can also be an interesting architectural element of the street or an intersection where they are installed.

Advantages and features of the traffic lights supports:

  • Our traffic lights supports are produced on the basis of the projects developed by our company.
  • Style of our traffic lights supports underlines the character of the surrounding architecture.
  • The safe construction restricts consequences of a possible collision. Thanks to simple procedure of connections of elements of the traffic lights supports, the installation of construction is executed qualitatively and with pleasure by installing team.
  • For individual orders with providing high-quality construction and installation works need to provide technological and design requirements for structures that will be taken into account in the calculation of its price.

With the customer's consent to the fruitful cooperation, «ZNAKI UA», L.L.C. is ready to consider the favorable conditions of delivery of supports, and to consider all other proposals to perform work for the production of the constructions.

As standard, we offer the traffic lights supports made of galvanized elements, and additionally there is the possibility to paint it in any color, according to RAL palette colors.

One of main types of production is:

  • Production of fences for various applications;
  • Design of metal constructions;
  • Production of traffic lights supports and posts for traffic lights and traffic signs;
  • Production of fastening elements of technical means for traffic organization; 

The company has manufacturing and technological capabilities in a short time and with high quality to produce any number of supporting structures for traffic lights, road signs and elements of TZDR attachment. 

Manufacture of consoles of traffic lights and other products can be realized:

  1. according to drawings of «ZNAKI UA», L.L.C. agreed with the customer;
  2. according to customer's drawings.

Technical data of traffic lights supports and posts for the traffic lights according to our drawings:

  1. Traffic lights support (transport and pedestrian support) 

1.1  Continuous post of the traffic light, L = 5,3 m with underground and overhead cables, access cover and holes for cables of connection of traffic lights. 

1.2. Flanged foundation (lower part) L = 0.75 m plus traffic lights post with a flange (upper part), with access cover and holes, L = 4,55 M, L = 4,05 m. 

traffic lights supports

1. Traffic lights support with overhanging length of 3M (ОКС-3)

Traffic lights support kit, L = 3M: 

1. Flanged foundation (L = 4,280 M)

2. Post with flange (L = 4,280 M)

3. Radius (slope of 3 degrees) (D = 3.1 m)


traffic lights supports

2. Traffic lights support with overhanging length of 6M (ОКС- 6)

Flanged foundation (lower part), (1,1 m)

1. Post with flange (upper part), ( L = 4,280 M)

2. Radius (slope of 8 degrees)

3. Overhanging distance ( L = 4,250 m)


 traffic lights supports

Traffic lights supports structurally designed as dismountable

Traffic lights supports have all necessary holes and hatches, necessary for execution of installation works.

Proposed traffic lights supports that we produce are characterized by:


  • unique form and aesthetics
  • easy installation
  • advantage during transportation
  • multifunctional construction
  • low weight 230-350 kg
  • overhanging distance 2.5-6.5 m



Photo of traffic lights supports Type
traffic lights supports L = 4,3м

Traffic lights support (pedestrian support), L = 4,3m


traffic lights supports L = 5,3м

Traffic lights support(vehicle support), L = 5,3m


traffic lights supports L = 3м, ОКС-3 Traffic lights support with overhanging length of L = 3m, ОКС-3
traffic lights supports. L = 6м, ОКС-6 Traffic lights support with overhanging length of L = 6m, ОКС-6

We manufacture and install all kinds of traffic lights. Production in Kiev.


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