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Fencing tape is used to protect any dangerous territory or places where planned any construction works or repairs. Special, well noticeable sturdy fencing tape is used for early warning and preventing accidents. This way of providing basic security enjoys widespread popularity around the world due to its availability and ease of use.

A method of using fencing tape:

Pull the fencing tape around the perimeter of the working area and to fix it at a level such that passers-by could see the tape from afar.

Thanks to the ease of use of fencing tapes, you can as quickly as possible protect the territory on any perimeter, for example, in the event of road traffic accidents. Fencing tape helps you quickly take control of the scene of an accident and to warn other traffic users about the changed road situation that will ensure the safety of road section in terms of other clashes and will help be prepared properly before the arrival of the police officers. 

 Name  Description
 Лента оградительная  Fenking Tape 100m / 200m / 500m
 Лента оградительная  Warning tape "Link" with logo "DO NOT DIG, CABLE BELOW" 250 m/l, roll width - 50mm/80mm, color - orange
 Оградительная лента Warning tape "Optics" with logo "ATTENTION! OPTICAL CABLE" 500m/l, roll width - 40mm/70mm, color - yellow
 Оградительная лента  Warning tape with logo 100 m/l, roll width - 150/300/450/600/750 mm, color - red


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