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Installation of speed humps

When it isn't enough а normal warning signs on the problem areas, the forced speed reduction device «sleeping policeman» is set. In Kiev, this device is especially important due to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It is most often placed in educational and cultural institutions, at the entrance to a parking near the pedestrian crossing. You can buy «the sleeping policeman » at low price from the company Znaki UA. A long-term experience of working with road signs and other attributes allow our skilled workers to produce qualitative and inexpensive production from reliable materials.

Speed humps. Features of production and design

1. Speed humps (PVC, Czech Republic)

Лежачий полицейский (ПВХ, Чехия)

This type of product is made of thermally treated granules PVC - recycled electric cables. Such «sleeping policemen» have a long service life and durability. Thus, they last longer than the rubber analogs.

The light reflectors are integrated into the speed humps structure allowing to observe an obstacle in advance and to react in time to prevent an unexpected impact on it. Components of «sleeping policeman» attached to fittings among each other, which provide exceptional durability during placement on the road pavement.

This «sleeping policeman» can withstand loads up to 50 tons and temperature range - from -40 to + 80 ° C.

Application of speed humps

This product is preferentially mainly located in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, and where the speed limit is necessary for the protection of human life. It can be roads near school and kindergarten, near university, hospital, shop, an entertaining institution and cultural establishment, on parking. In addition, «the sleeping policemen» will be useful in warehouses, bases, ports and others.

Prices and sizes of speed humps

Name Size, mm.
Basic element 430х500х50
End element 430х215х50
Fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
Installation for section  

Number of fixings: 4 pcs on a basic element, 2 pcs on an end element.

2. Speed humps (rubber, Ukraine)
Лежачий полицейский  Лежачий полицейский

Despite a rubber basis, this construction is resistant to mechanical abrasion, influence of chemicals, including mixture which strew roads in winter. Thus, it is reliable and inexpensive alternative to products from PVC.

The surface of the «sleeping policeman» is equipped with overhangs of spherical shape which improves adhesion to car tires. In addition, the figure provides high-quality moisture drainage. Reflective material made from a polymer tapes and placed on the surface of the structure helps the driver to lower speed in time at night. It takes at least 30% of the so-called speed humps according to standards of road safety of the European Countdown Timerries. It must be replaced in case of decrease reflective characteristics, damage or delamination. Such «sleeping policeman» is fixed to the pavement by means of anchor bolts and reinforced metal washers.

Speed humps can be purchased according to the information in the table below: 

Name Size, mm.
Basic element 500х500х50
End element 500х500х50
Fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
Installation for section  

Number of fixings: 4 pcs. on a basic element, 4 pcs. on an end element.

3. Speed hump (rubber, China)

Prices and sizes of speed humps:

Name Size, mm.
Basic element 500х350х50 мм
End element 170х350х50 мм
Fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
Installation for section  

4. Speed humps (rubber, Ukraine)

Name Size, mm.
Basic element 500х500х50 
End element 500х250х50
Fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
Installation for section  

Name Size, mm.
Basic element 650х500х50  
End element 650х250х50
Fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
Installation for section  

1. Kerb ramp (to move onto sidewalk)


Features of rubber kerb ramp:

  • Manufacture material – rubber
  • Maximum load - 15 tons
  • Fixing: anchor, screws
  • Countdown Timerry of manufacture – Ukraine
  • Ramp weight – 10 kg
  • Number of fixings: 3 pcs. on a basic element, 1 pcs. on an end element.
Namе Size, mm. 
Basic element  700х200х120 мм
End element  200х200х120 мм
Fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
Installation for section  

1. Wheel stops


Name Size, mm.
black element 780х80х60
yellow element 780х80х60 мм
black and yellow element Д1670хШ140хВ120
black and yellow element Д1770хШ100хВ120
fixing (nailing plug + self-tapping screw)  
installation for section  

Number of fixings: 2 pcs per element

The company «Znaki UA» produces high-quality and technically advanced road attributes, we use different materials, in connection with experience of our experts. We always welcome new customers and appreciate our loyal customers. 

2. Colored metal parking bumper

Our company provides services for the production and installation of metal parking bumpers and metal barriers for the parkings and sidewalks. Parking bumpers are designed to lock car parking spaces. When parking the car rests the wheels against a parking bumper and thus its position is fixed. The parking bumpers can also be used to protect the installed equipment and to separate the pedestrian areas. Metal parking bumpers are made of galvanized and black pipes of the 50 to 100 mm diameter. Height from the road surface is dependent on the assignment of a parking bumper. Height is about 100 mm to fix the position of the vehicle on the parking space. Parking bumper with a height of 200-500 mm can be made to protect equipment.


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