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Survey mirrors are widely used to improve the visibility on the road sections and in areas where the review of terrain is complicated. Survey mirrors are irreplaceable assistants at intersections of highways with invisibility sections at the entrances and exits to parkings, pedestrian and residential areas, and also at industrial and commercial enterprises.

Survey mirrors have a reliable configuration, the reinforced fixing and casing that allows you to install them both on the wall and on the pipe by means of a collar. Special protective coating protects the glass from condensation on it, which ensures operation during the cold season.

According to assignment, all survey mirrors are divided into outdoor and indoor use.

Survey mirrors differ from normal mirrors in the convex form that provides their principal property - a wide angle vision.

Survey mirrors are made of durable acryl and therefore are protected from deformation and a fracture that guarantees their long service life and safety of the people and vehicles nearby.


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