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Parking barriers

Automatic and mechanical parking barriers you can buy from  the company «Znaki UA», and also order its installation.

If you want to reserve your parking place or not to allow it to take another car, then you need to install a mechanical parking barrier. It allows you to be sure that you will always have a place to park the car near the office or home. If you need to take control of the parking place on the territory, the indispensable means of control and a comfortable parking will be an automatic parking barrier.

Parking barriers protect the vehicle from accidentally collision by another vehicle or install in order to block the passage, depending on the type of barriers.

Types of parking barriers

There are two types of the parking barriers:

  • Automatic parking barriers
  • Mechanical parking barriers

Parking barriers to help protect the area from the junk car parking.

Automatic barriers are more convenient and comfortable to use, because the management of parking blocker is possible directly from the vehicle. Simply to press a button on the key fob for low down or lift the barrier.

That's good enough completely in places where it is necessary to control the entry, exit or parking space.

It might be placed on the parking, toll highways, garage complexes, as well as well as at railway crossings. With such an automatic barrier system you can be sure that your parking place is yours personally, and protected from illegal vehicle entry and parking as well as it will provide a safe manageable allocation of parking spaces in the parking area.

Mechanical barriers are much cheaper but no less important than automatic barriers. Such blockers should be lowered and raised by hand, which is not always convenient, but they can be used in cases where the automated system is not needed.

On the mechanical barrier is secured lock (availability at the order mentioned), and can also be ordered without lock (automatic fixing of the barrier, but also by hand). Parking barriers may be painted in any selected color by powder paint.

We are attentive to the needs of our customers, so all the details are discussed previously before ordering: type of parking barrier, height, color, assembly. As a result, you get a reliable parking facility with the best features at the lowest price!


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