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Автоматические парковочные барьеры. Схема работы

Automatic parking barriers are used to reserve an individual parking place and also protect parked vehicles.

The TM CAME product stands out among the automatic barriers. CAME UNIPARK is one of the best in the world among the existing parking devices. Such a barrier is long-lived and works almost faultlessly.

You can manage the system of automatic parking barrier without leaving the vehicle. In order a lifted parking barrier automatically folded on the ground and make way for a parking, you simply press a button on the key fob. UNIPARK is a reliable system, characterized high operating and technological parameters. It is a multifunctional barrier, to which you can connect other subsystems to optimize access to the proper criteria.

Main Features UNIPARK automatic system:

Автоматические парковочные барьеры. Виды барьеров
  • Intelligent control unit
  • Low power consumption
  • Instant stop when encountering obstacles, due to built-in over current protection system
  • High security for establishing personnel and the ultimate user, due to the fact that all components of the system operate at low voltage

Types of automatic parking barriers:

  1. Standard automatic parking barrier ARK1 for all modes of transport;
  2. Large automatic parking barrier, ARK2, which allows to control parking spaces for trucks;

A maximum of 4 parking spaces has one control unit. The control unit can contain up to 3 sides that extend the range up to 4 spaces.

Автоматический парковочный барьер ARK1. Автоматический парковочный барьер ARK2.

You may also need the speed humps.


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