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Roadwork warning trailer is based on one or two-axle trailers. Trailer for road works is equipped with LED lights in the shape of an arrow « Keep Left and/or Keep Right» as well as folding supports, road signs and signal lights.

Roadwork warning trailer is designed for :

  • Warnings of road-users about the presence of risk and danger while carrying out the road and construction works on the carriageway, bridges, roadsides, streets, etc.
  • Maintenance oversize road trains during transportation of road construction and other machinery or equipment.
  • Transportation of accessories and tools for the execution of road works.
  • Providing cover for employees on the road from a moving vehicle.

The kit with a trailer includes:

  1. road sign 4.1 - 1 pcs;
  2. road sign 1.37 - 1 pcs;
  3. In addition: 8 folding support (supports for signs), 8 road signs to choose, 2 signal (flashing) beacons and the necessary documentation for the traffic police authorities. 

Roadwork warning trailer capacity for road works: 350 kg.

The company «Znaki UA» produces high quality warning trailers and mans them to order. Production of roadwork warning trailers, Kiev, Ukraine.

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