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Marking of columns refers to the vertical road marking, it can often be seen on the roads in places of installation of bridges, viaducts and overpasses, on the support columns, the traffic divergence. Such column marking is applied on vertical support in the indoor parkings, parking complexes, and also on ramps. The vertical road marking is used as a support tool for road safety. The allocation of the obstacles on the roads and of the parkings is one of the conditions of security of the road traffic.

The company «Znaki UA» performs on demand applying of a vertical marking on columns, ramps and other elements. We will ensure high quality of the works.  

 Разметка колонн, паркинг  Разметка колонн, паркинг Разметка колонн, паркинг  Разметка колонн, паркинг 
 Разметка колонн, паркинг  Разметка колонн, паркинг  Разметка колонн, паркинг  Разметка колонн, паркинг


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