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It is not always possible to quickly and easily build a massive fence. That is why our company offers different equipment which will help in the short term to protect the emergency areas, building areas, road works zones, fairgrounds, the site of events of various nature, etc. Net, which will make possible not only to map visually boundaries but also to prevent penetration an area is perfect for this purpose.

Today you can buy security warning nets for various purposes because its use does not require special skills. Therefore, apart from the signal functions it can perform a variety of others. For example, such a product can be used in construction for reinforcing walls and surfaces. Use of security warning nets in road construction considerably increases roadway strength, its resistance to wear and cracks.

Convenience and reliability of the security warning nets allows its use in gardening and landscaping, agriculture, for example, to protect the soil from trampling or formation of support for the twining and tall plants. At the same time the strength and accessibility of the material is valued as much as its high hygiene. 

Name Description

Security warning nets

A-90 Orange

Mesh Size  45x90

Roll width 1x50m

Roll width 1x20m

Security warning nets

Mesh Size 45х45 cm

Roll width 1х25m

Roll width 2х25m

Milestone fencing

Size: h - 1200 mm d - 40 mm

Milestone fencing support

Size: 350 * 350 * 80 mm

Product is made of high density polyethylene of bright orange color. To ensure good visibility, it is equipped with strips of reflective film. Installation is carried out using:

  • polymeric support – it is convenient for fast installation of a fence on the solid base (asphalt, concrete);
  • metal rod – it is intended for installation of a milestone fencing in the soil base;

We offer cheap accessories for use of milestone fencing:

  • polymeric support with a hole diameter of 40 mm is designed for fixing of a product. It has a stable rectangular form.


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