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Automatic security barriers are installed to regulate the entry and exit of the protected areas. Automatic security barrier is irreplaceable on surrounding areas of enterprises, banks, parkings, restaurants, offices, airports. Automatic barrier is ideal for intensive use.

It is advisable to install the automatic security barriers at the entrance to the closed area, checkpoints, parking lots and other facilities with controlled entry of vehicles.

Control of an automatic barrier can be exercised by one of control systems such as code keypad, card reader, key-switch, remote control. Any barrier can be switched back in the manual mode in case of a sudden power outage. 

The company «Znaki UA» supplies automatic security barriers:

 Шлагбаумы Came, Киев, Украина  

1. CAME barriers - Electromechanical barriers of GARD series (arrow of 2.5m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 12m).

According to the company's experience, barriers CAME - the best of electromechanical barriers.

These barriers are characterised by reliable and long-term use, even in areas with adverse weather conditions. Cases of the GARD systems are completely manufactured of galvanized steel, coated with polyester powder varnish RAL 2004 (orange).

Important: barriers CAME are offered with the GARD system equipped with round arrow for areas with strong winds. 

Automatic Security Barrier Type Description
Automatic Security Barrier Gard G3750   Gard G3750 

Barrier kit composed of arrow of 4 m.with engine power supply of 24V. Time of opening is 2-6 seconds. Electromechanical.

Automatic Security BarrierGard G6500  Gard G6500 

Barrier kit composed of arrow of 6,5 m.with engine power supply of 24V. Time of opening is 2-6 seconds. Electromechanical of intensive use with round arrow.

Automatic Security Barrier GARD 12000  GARD 12000 

Barrier kit composed of arrow of 12 m.with engine power supply of 24V. Time of opening is 10 seconds. Electromechanical

Automatic Security Barrier Gard4  Gard4 

Barrier kit composed of arrow of 4 m.with engine power supply of 24V. Time of opening is 2-6 seconds. Electromechanical 

Automatic Security Barrier Gard8  Gard8  Barrier kit composed of arrow of 8 m.with engine power supply of 24V. Time of opening is 4-8 seconds. Electromechanical 
 Шлагбаумы Nice, Киев и Украина  

2. NICE barriers - electromechanical barriers of WIL
Series (arrow of 4m, 6m).

High-quality electro-mechanical barriers with variable speed mechanism, preventing breakage structure. It is ideal for control and management of access to public, private and industrial parkings.

Opening / closing speed and adjustable delay settings are possible in all the NICE barriers as well as settings of operation of systems with photocells, warning lamp and other additional options.

Arrow of automatic barrier can be installed both on the right and on the left side.

Important: it is possible to install an automatic barrier with cutting of an arrow strictly under a certain opening. 

 Шлагбаумы Faac, Киев и Украина  

3. FAAC barriers - hydraulic barriers 
(arrow 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 7m)

Unlike electromechanical barriers, electro-hydraulic drive of the FAAC barriers has not rubbing mechanical details and therefore average service life of such hydraulic barriers is 2-3 times higher, than that of electromechanical.

Oil that enables silent and smooth functioning of automatic barrier even with significant temperature changes is used in a hydraulic drive of the barrier.

Electro-hydraulic FAAC barriers are designed to work in all weather conditions. Oil used in the electro-hydraulic drive allows the FAAC barriers stably and reliably operate in temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 55 ° C.


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