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Road traffic lights for the pedestrians and the auto enthusiasts

In the capital, and in any big city the traffic light is the principal structure of the organization of the movement of pedestrians and auto enthusiasts. The company «Znaki UA» manufactures pedestrian traffic lights in Kyiv and throughout the territory of Ukraine, and makes their installation and maintenance. Reliable and high-technology, our products have proved to be excellent over the years of in the production of road attributes. The client will remain satisfied with high qualification of our employees and execution of orders precisely in time. Here you can buy traffic lights at a low price, which in this case will meet the high standards of European quality.

Светофоры, Киев.

Our company is engaged in the production of all major types of traffic lights, as well as the installation of manufactured products. Uniform and visible light output and the formation of formation of the required radiation pattern of our products are ensured by a special optical system with a central optical source of external light of scattering lens and the internal lens of Fresnel.

Besides, the traffic lights manufactured by us differ in economy of energy consumption a resource of LED modules with a central light source exceeds the resource both the light bulbs and halogen light sources or matrix LED modules, and is approximately more than 100 thousand hours, which reduces markedly maintenance and operational costs and leaves just 7-12 watts, that is notable less, than in normal lamps and matrix traffic lights.

Phantom flash effect is completely excluded thanks to a special blackening technology which is used in the production of external scattering lenses for traffic lights with a central light source. This increases the level of safety and saves from accidents.

Advantage of the use of LED traffic lights in combination with the accompanying products, road controllers, audible signal devices, information side and countdown timer, all this creates economic benefits and pays all expenses associated with the re-equipment of the traffic lights. High-quality materials and advanced equipment, which operate employees of Znaki UA, ensures long service life of the product, especially in combination with post-mounting service of the object.


Main types of LED traffic lights:

Type of the traffic light case Traffic light type Description
Transport traffic lights
Светофор транспортный Т1.1

transport traffic light

3 section, D=200mm
Светофор транспортный Т1.2

transport traffic light

3 section, D=300/200/200 mm
Светофор транспортный Т1.3

transport traffic light

3 section, D=300 mm

Светофор транспортный


Т1.7, Т1.10,

с комплектом стрелок

transport traffic light

3 section, D=200 mm

with additional section D = 200

Светофор транспортный




with a set of arrows

transport traffic light

2 section, D=300 mm

with additional section D = 200

Pedestrian traffic lights
Светофор пешеходный П1.1

pedestrian traffic lights

2 section, D=200 mm
Светофор пешеходный П1.1-Т

pedestrian traffic lights

3 section, D=200 mm

with countdown timer

Name Features
ПЗС-СЕА-3 А Audible signal device for pedestrians in housing with dimensions of 175x91x51mm for outdoor application having possibility of mounting inside pedestrian and transport traffic lights of production of SEA Electronics (no buttons).
ПЗС-СЕА-3 В  Audible signal device with dimensions of 235x175x92mm for outdoor application with built-in HI-FI speaker
ТВП-СЕА-3  Calling boar for pedestrians with indicator light and vibration motor (it is necessary to specify presence)
ТВП-СЕА-3А  Calling side for pedestrians 


Type of traffic diagnostic controller Description
Traffic diagnostic controller (TDC series)          With communication module on GPRS channel
Without communication module

Traffic lights support from 8000.00 UAH.

  1. Traffic lights conform to the European standards EN 12368, EN 60529: 2003, EN 60598-1: 2000 and Ukrainian DSTU 4092-2002.
  2. 2. Additional guide signs in the form of arrows and. etc. can be produced on customer demand.

The company «Znaki UA» appreciate loyal customers and always ready to work with new customers, respecting the individual approach to each new assignment. 


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