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Вставки разметочные дорожные (ВРД)

Raised pavement markers (RPM) are installed on the road sections in places of road marking and complement it, differentiating lanes on the carriageway in a night-time. RPMs resistant to damage and the influence of chemicals, their properties do not change under the action of ultraviolet rays and retain reflective properties for a long time.


Structure of the RPM

Raised pavement markers are made into the shape of hemisphere and thanks to it, there is  a refraction and return of a light beam and an illumination of an element through 360 degrees when light enters the luminous element. 

Active RPMs

ВРД активные

Active RPMs is intended to designate pedestrian crossing borders and warn drivers, especially at night, when you approach a pedestrian crossing. Active RPMs can also be installed on its own territory for visual aesthetic perception of the area, and for orientation relative to the entrance to one or another construction, building, etc. Active RPM is produced in the glass cylinder case, in the upper part of which is set transparent lens. LEDs are placed under the lens. This marker is powered by a solar cell that is charged by sunlight during the day and at night gives the voltage, providing operation of raised pavement marker. 


Double sided reflective pavement markers are used in combination with the axial line of a horizontal marking when dividing transport streams of an opposite directions.

One-way raised reflective pavement markers are used in combination with the horizontal marking that designates one direction lines of traffic or the edge of the carriageway.

Yellow raised reflective pavement markers are used in road sections with highest accident rate.



Cost of raised reflective pavement markers (white, red, green) is 190 UAH.

To organize road traffic in the best way possible, we also recommend you LED signs that are clearly visible even in the dark from the distance. 


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