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One of the modern means of walls and columns protection is wall guards. They have a number of advantages in relation to other forms of wall protection. Thus, wall guard rails as well as wall guards allow to ensure safety of original shape of a wall. And if it is made or covered with expensive material, as a consequence, wall guards will save you money.

Advantages of wall guards can be described as follows:

  • easy installation;
  • shock absorption property;
  • made of impact resistant rubber;
  • equipped with reflective surfaces

Wall guards are made of different materials. In all cases, the degree of wall protection from negative impacts will remain quite high. 

Rubber Wall Guards

Rubber wall guards (wall protection) serve to protect the angular buildings, homes corners, walls, columns of contact with the car. Design of the rubber wall guards is made in such a way to minimize the risk of the car damage or construction of the building. Rubber wall guards are widely used in underground car park, and parking lots, public garages, seaports. 

Rubber wall guards are mounted on the wall, gates, etc. They are attached by means of anchor bolts or screws into technological holes.

Rubber Wall Guard Damper

Rubber Wall Guard Damper Rubber Wall Guard Damper

It can be attached on the one side and another.

Characteristics (L = 1000 mm, width = 200 mm, thickness = 10 mm) 

Rubber corner protector


Rubber corner protector – 8 straight (L = 800 mm, width = 100 mm, thickness = 8 mm.)

Protection for walls from aluminum composite

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) consist of two aluminum sheets of 0.5 mm thick and the polyethylene layer between them from 2.0 to 5.0 mm. They are used to face the façades, interiors, tunnels; fuel filling stations, etc.

Rigidity and strength is provided by the special properties of high density polyethylene. For example, the rigidity of the composite of 4 mm - 0.24 kNm/2m thickness (both of steel of 2.4 mm thickness and the aluminum of 3.3 mm thickness). Rigidness allows to achieve absolutely smooth and straight facing surface. Accurate architectural panels without hogging typical for sheet metal are created thanks to the composite panels.

Composite panel is cut according to the size of the column. Reflective film is pasted over the front side which allows to identify and to protect places where wall protection is mounted to the walls.

Vertical road marking also serves as visual warning about object boundaries within a movement zone.


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