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Video report on the executed work in Novoselki

Novoselki is a small village near Kiev. There all roads are paved with asphalt and equipped with LED signs. This generous innovation has reduced to zero the a number of accidents.

Reference letter from «MBI» LLC

«MBI» LLC in his letter, thanks the company «Znaki UA» for effective work of specialists, efficiency of performance of the tasks and attentive relation with the customer.

Reference letter from «BARCELONA UA» LLC

In its reference letter «BARCELONA UA» LLC notes the professionalism of the staff of the company «Znaki UA», which take into account all the nuances, requirements and know the specifics of the work.

Reference letter from «B.I.I.A.K.» LLC

Cooperation with the company «Znaki UA» has been continuing since 2013. During this period the company has established itself as a sustainable enterprise and reliable business partner.

Reference letter from «Delta-lotsman», branch office of the state company «Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine»

During the cooperation the company «Znaki UA» has fulfilled his obligation to deliver the goods in a timely manner and in conformity with the contract. It also highlights the respectful attitude to customer needs and a responsible approach to the preparation of accounting documents.

Reference letter from «Sports-Technical Club» «SONA»

«Sports-Technical Club» «SONA» is satisfied with the work of the company «Znaki UA» and ready to recommend the company as a reliable and responsible partner.

Reference letter from the state company « FM Logistic Dnepr»

State company «FM Logistic Dnepr» express sincere gratitude of the company «Znaki UA» for the quality work and a willingness to do a lot of work in the shortest possible time.

Reference letter from «Volinsignal»

Private enterprise «Volinsignal» thanked the company «Znaki UA» for manufacturing of road signs and other means of traffic organization.

Reference letter from «FORC-K»

Private enterprise «FORC-K» in his reference letter, thanked the company for manufacturing of road signs and means of traffic organization.


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