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We carry out asphalting in the Kiev region

Reliable, straight and comfortable roads are, first of all, the basis of the organization of the transport infrastructure. The company «Znaki UA» provides asphalt laying services in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. We carry out the orders fast and qualitatively and on time. Using materials of the European level, the company «Znaki UA» performs asphalt paving operations at a price which will delight the lean customer. Road pavement of high-quality is necessary for any enterprise, commercial center, road facilities, to ensure the smooth flow of transport and minimize emergencies especially in public places with heavy traffic. We welcome new customers and appreciate our loyal customers.

Advantages of Road asphalting in Kyiv

Actively growing movement in the capital of Ukraine, as well as in the region, requires constant repair of roads and laying new paths. Asphalting is one of the most profitable ways to restore and to lay the road pavement by the ratio “price to quality” because among the many various alternatives, the asphalt the most stable and easy replaceable material. We use modern            mixtures that cope well with constant pressure of vehicles including large-dimensioned. It should be noted the resistance of this material to the weather events and change of seasons. In addition, there are numerous possibilities for laying asphalt that allows you to choose the type of material interesting for customers. 

Technique and technology of asphalting

Paths marking, on which the material will be applied, is carried out beforehand. Our experienced staff works according to the rules prescribed by the legislation, and takes into account the territorial features - nearby communications (electricity, water, gas), collectors, street condition. If the foot path is laid, then the layer of material will be much thinner, than in road facilities construction. Compliance with all details provides the maximum term of operation of road pavement without repair. After that there is laying asphalt - under the influence of temperature, a special asphalt chippings melts, becomes soft, and it is rolled to an equal state in such a way. It is possible to start operation of road pavement after that, you must wait until it has cooled down.

The repairs are also made: patching of individual potholes on the road, or complex repair for elimination of larger damages. Such work is also carried out according to the rules prescribed in the Gosstandart. 

Where to order asphalting at a low price in Kiev, Kiev region and Ukraine?

Our company has many years of experience in construction and arrangement of transport infrastructure in the country. When looking for our services, including road asphalting, the price and the result is guaranteed to satisfy you as well as delivery times.

Roads in Ukraine are in a deplorable state, and money from the city budget is often not enough for repairing and laying new ways, so the great responsibility is upon the private companies. The company «Znaki UA» is considered one of the leaders in this field, performing diverse works on urban upgrading and other cities of Ukraine. 


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