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Organization of road marking in Ukraine

Road marking is responsible for ensuring the organized transport movement and safety of its participants. Number of cars is growing in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities and it is necessary to maintain the transportation infrastructure in the best condition to avoid unnecessary accidents. The company «Znaki UA» is engaged in the professional application of road marking throughout Ukraine using modern equipment and materials. Fast and efficient work of our employees allows, that an unusually important in conditions of constant traffic, to perform works on application of a marking on the roadway on time.

We use high-quality materials - special paint with reflective balls to improve visibility in the dark, the plastic and its mixtures resistant to weather events. Such marking will serve the full service life, and will not be erased ahead of time, that will allow to update it not too often. Plastic coating can withstand up to four years!

«Znaki UA» carries out the marking on all categories of roads in compliance with standards and technical regulations. This contributes to the organization of transport and pedestrian flows, reducing the number of accidents and traffic violations. Our goal is the organization of safe traffic of vehicles, so we are responsible for orders both from new and loyal customers.

Method of road marking  
Horizontal road marking (paint) Horizontal road marking (paint)
Horizontal road marking (paint)
Digit (road marking, paint) Цифра (дорожная разметка)

Icon on the road markings (parking space for disabled persons, paint)

Icon on the road markings
Coating of traffic paint using beads of glass or yellow (black)  

Horizontal marking (plastic)

Vertical road marking (paint) Vertical road marking
Vertical road marking (film)
Vertical road marking (film + composite material)
Installation of vertical road marking (film or composite)  

Removal of road marking

Removal of road marking

painting of black color

by machine 


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