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Number of cars on the road is increasing every day, but the persons interested to receive the driver's licence becomes only more.

Number of institutions offering training of the theory and practice of driving increases proportionally. Despite the existence of the high-tech security systems in modern vehicles, the movement on the road is always fraught with certain risk. Therefore, any autoclass offers to prepare for licensing examination, should provide qualitative study of theoretical material and testing skills in practice.

To conduct the classes effectively it is more comfortable to use the specialized equipment for driving schools and illustrative study guides, road safety posters, stands, interactive installations.

Manufacturing company offers a wide range of equipment for the training of future drivers for a successful examination for driver's licence for the effective development of a theoretical material and practical skills.

Our company offers:

  1. Manufacturing of signboards for driving schools
  2. Manufacturing of information stands
  3. Manufacturing of interactive educational stands
  4. Pasting of training vehicles
  5. Construction of motordromes: road marking, road signs manufacturing, installation of road signs, and other means of traffic organization

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