Organization of traffic safety near children's and educational institutions: marking, road signs.

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«Znaki UA» will organize road safety for children.

The company «Znaki UA» has been working in the field of road signs installation for many years. We are engaged in wide choice of operations from the production of road signs to their installation. In particular, we are engaged in construction of roads and streets near schools, kindergartens, colleges and other educational institutions, where children and teenagers study. Using the highest quality materials, our experienced staff produces and install traffic lights, signs, apply road markings according to driving regulations. We work in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

How the company «Znaki UA» organizes traffic near the children's educational institutions?

Construction of the road section near the school (kindergarten, lyceum) is in fact a two-way process: 

  1. Our employees mark a pedestrian crossing, applying «zebra» with reflective paint on the allotted road section.Such pedestrian crossing helps children and other passers-by not to create emergency situations, crossing a road in the wrong place;
  2. Warning road sign «Children» (No. 1.33) is mounted, which serves as a warning to the driver, and an indication that he is obliged to slow down as the children's educational institution is nearby. This is an important element in to prevent the child road traffic injuries. Even though the main activity of children tends to peak in the day our road signs is perfectly visible at night because of the reflective materials, which are used in their manufacture. This sign is a «complementary» effect of the sign 5.35.1«Crosswalk» which is placed on all the «zebras»;
  3. «Speed humps» that will not even let the inattentive and irresponsible driver pass by the school or kindergarten at a high speed are placed in the approaches to the problematic road section. «Speed humps» is a limiter mounted on the road in the form of a curved strip of strong plastic. This is an effective pre-trial restriction of speeding by the driver.

Why the road safety for children need to be organized?

The road near the school is always the risk of an emergency. Active traffic and the lack of adequate road attributes, whether road markings, warning signs, traffic lights or «speed humps», can be dangerous. Correctly equipped pedestrian crossings not only will save children from troubles, but also will accustom to follow the road traffic rules, that is necessary for everyone in the big city. This is the basis of prevention of road traffic accidents near the school, kindergarten, lyceum or college. Unfortunately, often marking and signs are installed near the school or similar institution after the incident, and this is the main mistake. Therefore, you need to take care of the organization of traffic near the children's educational institutions in advance.

Thus, our company uses a complex approach of the organization of traffic near the children's educational institutions. Comprehensive maintenance of the road near the school or kindergarten minimizes the risk of possible accidents.

The company «Znaki UA» takes responsibility to fulfil its objectives especially when at stake is human life. Our personnel quality and within the stipulated timescale will perform all the necessary work on the road facilities construction. We welcome new customers and appreciate our loyal customers.


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