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Proper traffic organization (TO) needs the whole complex of legal, organizational and technical measures, and also regulatory actions directed to traffic management and ensuring its security.

Only professional designing of traffic organization help to optimize and make the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Therefore TO is an integral and obligatory norm of road design, which is used in the construction of new roads, during various construction and repair works, at implementation of the actions urged to reduce accident rate on dangerous sections.

Road-building company «Znaki UA», one of one of the main activities of which is design of TO develops  and coordinates any projects of the traffic organization in instances: as permanents for new highways or objects of road infrastructure, and temporary, for example, for carrying out repair or construction works.

Many years of experience, knowledge and specialist skills of our highly qualified specialists, as well as ties which have been developed over many years, in various instances allow the company to resolve the most difficult questions concerning design of TO within the shortest possible period of time.

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