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We offer you a complex of works (services) for the design and construction of traffic lights objects.

Qualified specialists provide the following complex of works:

1. At the request of a customer, territory survey, data collection for developing technical specifications, receipt of technical specifications for designing of traffic lights object, development of pre-project scheme of traffic organization according to specific customer requirements.

2. Development of the project on the basis of technical specifications and customer requirements.

3. Co-ordination of the project with all the necessary structures, including the traffic police.

4. Maintenance in the course of state expertise of estimate documentation to receive a positive conclusion.

5. Organization of the examination can be organized to receive a positive conclusion (interaction with various experts, provision of additional information, etc.).

6. Construction of traffic lights object in accordance with the project.

Metal works (columns of fastening of traffic lights, supports, road signs posts, traffic, pedestrian fencing) can be of two types: zinced and painted with powder paint with the following thermal treatment.

7. In the area of construction of traffic lights object we install different structures of road traffic and pedestrian fencing (agreed with the customer).

In the construction are used the traffic lights and controllers, road signs and metal structures from leading domestic manufacturers.

8. Development of projects of introduction of the automated traffic control system.

9. Development projects (schemes, dislocations) of road traffic organization on highways, streets, cities (placement of road signs, pedestrian fences, «speed humps», road marking, places of necessary construction of traffic light objects).


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