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Today automatic security barriers became an integral part of monitoring systems of access and the organization of traffic.

Scope of application of automatic security barriers is the lodges of the enterprises, closed parking and parking lots, garage cooperatives, etc.

 Automatic security barrier can be an element of the complex and extensive access control system, and perform a simple task, for example to restrict access to the adjacent and office territory.

Installation of automatic security barriers

Proper installation of the automatic security barrier is a guarantee of correct work and reliability in operation process. Automatic security barriers can be installed on a hard surface (metal-concrete pavements) and on the grounded and asphalted surfaces.

Before to install the automatic security barrier on the ground or asphalt, installation location is concreted, and only after this the installation of the automatic security barrier is carried out. With few exceptions, the installation of barriers is carried out on metal surfaces by welding or other ways of fastening. 

In the preparation of the site before installing of the automatic security barrier framework, it is required to adhere the technological process of concreting to avoid in a consequence of the possible malfunctions of the automatic barrier related to improper installation.

Entrust installation of barriers to our experts and save your money. Based on many years’ experience in the sector, the experience has shown that the automatic safety barriers installed by people who do not have neither special tools nor experience in this case, in most of his cases, lead to malfunction of the equipment before the warranty period.

Our company gives a guarantee for one year but only when the installation of a barrier is carried out by our specialists. 

Connection diagram of automatic security barriers GARD 2500.

1. Automatic security barrier framework

2. Control module


3. White aluminum arrow

5. Flashing light

6. Stand for solar cells

7. Safety photocells

8. Stand for switch key

9. Switch key


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